Affiliate Disclosure

Unless stated otherwise at the very beginning of a review, all reviews on this site have been initiated by HostingCaddie.

In other words, there will be no doubt when a review has been initiated by the merchant of the product or the service – or any other third party; it will be mentioned at the beginning of the review.

Affiliate Links

In an attempt to receive some compensation for the costs related to obtaining the products and services and running this website – and ultimately make a little profit – HostingCaddie utilizes affiliate links to web pages regarding the products and services reviewed.

Clicking an affiliate link is without obligations and does not increase the costs, but merely makes it possible for the merchant of the product or service to identify the referring site in case of a closed sale.

There is a lot of variation in affiliate programs. The compensation usually ranges from 15 to 30% – so definitely not enough to buy me a new road bike.

Paid Reviews

HostingCaddie has always been and will always be hesitant concerning paid reviews. However, it is possible that a merchant – for whatever what reason – does not have an affiliate program.

In such case, HostingCaddie and the merchant might agree upon a compensation for the review in order to allow HostingCaddie some return of investment for the time devoted to evaluating the product or service and writing the review.

Whenever such an agreement has been made, this will be disclosed to the reader of the review concerned.

Even when HostingCaddie has received some kind of a compensation for a review, the findings and opinions expressed are those of the reviewer, and don’t necessarily agree with those of the merchant.

Any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact HostingCaddie when you have any questions or concerns regarding this affiliate disclosure or any other topic related to this site.

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