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Wil RanszHello, my name is Wil Ransz and I live in the Netherlands. The purpose of this blog is sharing some of my experience with web hosting, shared as well as VPS hosting. Hopefully, my postings will help you to run your website all by yourself.

My experience with web hosting goes way back to the ’90s. Linux was still in its infancy, so if you wanted to host a website you had a choice out of FreeBSD (Unix) and Windows NT.

Since my very first site I have learned quite a few things. Like, Frontpage Extensions seem convenient, but limit the portability of your website. You better steer away from tools like that – although Frontpage extensions are a blast of the past, I still encounter these occasionally.

Here on HostingCaddie, I will discuss web hosting in general. General topics range from hosting jargon to running websites through cPanel and the Web Hosting Manger (WHM).

In addition, I will also cover topics more specifically related to the hosting of WordPress websites. I am working with WordPress since version 2.9 (2009). Today, all my sites are powered by WordPress.

We will also cover subjects like security, backups and optimization. Hence, you will learn how to setup and manage a WordPress site yourself, so that you do not have to wait for others in case you need help urgently.


HostingCaddie is not my first blog. I have a few more under the umbrella of wilwebs.org.

With ThemingWP.com, I want to uncover the functionality of premium WordPress themes, so that theme shoppers do not have to make a purchase decision on just that great looking live demo.

There are thousands of WordPress themes ready for you to install and activate. However, all these themes are confection. Sometimes, you require more control and prefer to build your own custom WordPress theme.

There is my objective with WPfy.me is to demonstrate how non-geeks like me, are able to create their own WordPress theme from scratch with the help of WordPress theme frameworks.


Do you have any requests or suggestions related to web hosting? Do you want me to cover a specific topic?

Do not hesitate, and let me know. The easiest way to get in touch is with this form. It will be my pleasure to assist you.

After all, a caddie is there for your support…

Happy Hosting,

Wil Ransz

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